F.U.E.L Program

The F.U.E.L program for Cheatham County provides a selection of foods for students who, for a variety of reasons, may not have enough to eat during the weekends.

Each Sunday, the children in our church collect Coins for Kids, gathering donations of pocket change and small bills from the congregation to support this mission.

This school year our church will provide 975 backpacks full of  nutritious snacks to feed 25 elementary school children at risk for hunger in Kingston Springs.

In addition to providing financial assistance through donations, church members and visitors are encouraged to consider making donations of the following items:

Breakfast Items
Pop Tarts–any variety or brand.
Small boxes of cereal–
Kelloggs Fun Pack Cereal–pkg of 8.
General Mills Breakfast Pack–pkg of 8.
Granola bars.
General Mills Milk-N-Cereal bars.
Nature Valley Yogurt Granola bars.
Any breakfast/cereal/oatmeal bar variety.
100% Juice Boxes
Juicy Juice boxes, any flavor, pkg of 10–6/75 oz. each.

Fruit Items
Apple Sauce, any variety, pkg of 6–4 oz. each.
Fruit Cups, any variety, pkg of 4–4 oz. each.
Raisins, small boxes, pkg of 6–1.5 oz. each.
Yogurt raisins, small boxes, pkg of 6–1 oz. each.

Cheese Items
Kraft Handi Snacks, Ritz Crackers-N-Cheese, pkg of 16–.95 oz. each (look for Real Kraft Cheese Symbol).

Protein Items
Peanut Butter-N-Crackers.
Tuna in a pouch, 3 oz. or 7 oz. each.
Tyson Premium Chuck Chicken Breast pouch, 7 oz. each.
Nuts in a pouch, individual serving size.
Trail Mix in a pouch, individual serving size.
Beef sticks, not labeled “hot” or “spicy”, individual serving size.

Fruit Snacks
Fruit Rollups, pkg of 10.
Fruit by the Foot, pkg of 6.
Fruit Gushers, pkg of 6.

Dairy Items
Hunts Snack Pack Pudding, pkg of 4–3.5 oz. cups; also in 12 cup family pack (look for Real Nonfat Milk is our #1 ingredient)..
Kraft Snack Pack Pudding Mega Pack, pkg of 24–3.5 oz. cups.

Snack Items
Nabisco Variety Snacks, pkg of 12–1.25 oz. individual bags.
Keebler Variety Cookie Snacks, pkg of 12–1.4 oz. individual bags.
Little Debbie Snacks.
Rice Krispy treats.
Moon Pies.
Any individually wrapped snack foods.

F.U.E.L Cheatham County KSUMC
The children in our church collect Coins for Kids each Sunday to fund the F.U.E.L. program.